Healthcare Sharing Accreditation Board


Measuring Performance of Healthcare Sharing Organizations

The Healthcare Sharing Accreditation Board is an independent panel dedicated to developing and encouraging the highest standards among healthcare sharing organizations. We offer accreditation to ministries that meet these high standards, providing peace of mind to their members, the general public, healthcare providers, and regulators.

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What Are Healthcare Sharing Ministries?

Healthcare sharing ministries are non-profit entities organized to assist their members in managing health financing needs outside traditional regulated insurance by sharing those burdens with other members.

In federal law through the Affordable Care Act and in many state laws, sharing ministries are recognized as viable alternatives to health insurance. Sharing ministries have religious or ethical underpinnings that their members adhere to and that provide the basis for their sharing programs.

Rather, healthcare sharing ministries offer ways for individuals and families to share one another’s healthcare burdens in accordance with their sincerely held beliefs. 

Why Get Accredited?

The Healthcare Sharing Accreditation Board was created to verify that healthcare sharing ministries meet high standards of quality and ethical business practices. 

When a healthcare sharing ministry is accredited by the Healthcare Sharing Accreditation Board, it has undergone a rigorous review process and has demonstrated a commitment to excellence. This provides peace of mind to healthcare sharing ministry members and providers alike.

This accreditation program is intended to review the operations of sharing ministries and evaluate them against a set of standards developed by the Board. Those standards include, but are not limited to, reviews in the following areas:

Applicants who are accredited will be permitted to publicize that finding for a period of one year before a re-submission is required. Applications are open to anyone operating as a healthcare sharing ministry.

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